Subaru Key Replacement near me: Types of Key Replacements

This guide lets you know about different keys available in the Subaru key replacement near me category. Each replacement key is different from one another and has different roles. Let’s discuss it below:

Different types of keys in Subaru key replacement near me service

  1. Basic car key

You will find these keys basically in the old models of cars. They are also known as machine cut or laser cut keys. It is pretty simple to replace the keys even if you cannot have the locksmith services around you. But a locksmith can help you file and hence fully shape up the replacement key in less time. They are straightforward to replace, which can reduce the danger of theft.

  1. Remote car key

Such keys are the 2nd generation car keys which are not that common in old cars. They generally come by means of a transponder that straight away emits the radio waves. Later, a coded message is sent through the radio wave signals into the whole system of central locking. This is how the locking and unlocking of the vehicle will happen.

These remote keys make use of CR44-type batteries for huge power. You have to replace the batteries after four years maximum. If the whole remote has been damaged, you have to send it to the dealership for replacement and reprogramming. This will cost a lot so be careful!

  1. Smart keys

Last we have smart keys generally found in the new car models. Such keys will make the keyless entry and can start the newer cars. Its main benefit is that the car will easily sense the key presence when it is around. Later on, the transmitted data will enable your vehicle to simply unlock all the car doors without needing to press the buttons.

Currently, we mention the smart keys as the secure option to consider. They have dynamic codes for car protection. This is how the hacking chances are pretty low and will require special equipment for reprogramming your key.

Tips for Subaru key replacement near me and quick maintenance

Below are a few essential tips related to Subaru key replacement maintenance near me!

  • The car keys’ primary purpose is to lock and efficiently unlock the cars. Using them as tools and sometimes mishandling them can cause considerable damage.

  • If the remote or smart key is not working correctly, you can consider replacing the CR34 or CR32 battery. You can hence easily avail of these batteries from different electronic shops.

  • Adding some additional weight to the keychain or key will hence damage the entire ignition barrel of your vehicle.

  • Avoid interacting the keys with humidity or water.

Why is Replacement of the Keyless FOB or Remote Key Costly?

FOB is generally based on some security features to protect your car. You should consider replacing it if the keys are no longer with you or if they are facing any damage. Hence, the remote key has unique computer-generated code, which you can program to match it with the code located within the locking key system.

It has different other features which you don’t know about. But more features mean the cost of replacing the key will also be extra. You should hence take some knowledge about it from locksmith experts and go for the suitable Subaru key replacement near me service.

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subaru key replacement near me jacksonville sun locksmith fl


Although it is essential to go for the car key replacement in case the keys are broken or if they are lost. Hire the technical help of a locksmith and go for the smooth service of replacement of keys without giving yourself any hassle.

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