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Called Sun Locksmith to come out and remove a key that was broken in our door by a guest, spoke with locksmith saying he could be here in about 45 mins which was amazing to hear, he ended up getting here in about 20 mins and was able to remove the key right away, Sun locksmith will definitely be our go to in the future, great service, great price!

Ava Lewis Jacsonville, FL

My husband lost his car remote key recently and we thought we needed to go a dealership and order new one but I am very glad that we've found this place. The service was very friendly, helpful, and quick and the new key we got is working so perfectly.

Isabella Wilson Jacsonville, FL

Locksmith did a great job! I lost my keys to my home and vehicle last weekend, and he came quickly, and got me inside of my home and car. Locksmith and his team are professional and very courteous. They made sure that I was completely satisfied with their work. They tested all of the keys over and over to make sure they worked properly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you once again.

Anna Joseph Jacksonville, FL

When I moved to Miami with my family, the main thing in my mind was getting a locksmith to help with the security of our new home. I knew I had to find the very best locksmith in the city and I searched. Luckily I met a friend who had once used the services of Sun Locksmith. I was skeptical at first but then decided to use them. They simply blew my mind away. Their workers were absolutely efficient in their tasks and now our home must be more secured than Fort Knox. Lol. I will recommend them anytime. They are just wonderful.

Elayne kumar Miami, FL

Sun Locksmith is a company that is just so wonderful. When my sliding door was broken by a burglar, I had to find another locksmith that was different from the guys who installed the initial one because I wanted a stronger sliding door. Picking Sun Locksmith was actually random but I have never regretted choosing them. It was as if some kind of power made me choose them. They did everything I asked perfectly. My sliding door now looks beautiful and it is standing tall. I wish I had used this company in the first instance.

Brian Shannon Jacksonville, FL
Now I believe in quality. It is hard to see quality services these days. My wife travelled to another country while I was meeting with friends. Just after we finished chatting on phone, she remembered that she forgot to leave the key to the house. The lock was actually a very strong one and not easy to break. My wife then told me how she had heard about Sun Locksmith Tampa from a friend. I didn’t believe I would actually sleep in my house that day and I was already thinking about going to sleep in the garage. However, one of Sun Locksmith’s guys came and voila, I was able to get in. On behalf of my wife and me, thank you Sun Locksmith.
Sharleene Baechler Tampa, FL
Talk about deep professionalism and you are talking about Sun Locksmith Miami. These people really took professionalism to the next level. Some of my nephews were playing a prank and mistakenly locked my two kids in my late grandfather’s study, which can only be opened by an adult from the inside. My grandfather, before his death, was a man who valued privacy and would always lock himself in the study when working or reading. I called the guys from Sun Locksmith Miami and they were able to calm down my kids and get the door opened. Thank you guys.
Meni Yosef Miami, FL

Sun Locksmith Jacksonville will always be in my mind. This is because my heavily pregnant wife and I went to visit her parents. Then the baby came early. Despite all we did to make sure she visited her parents’ doctor, she insisted on her own doctor. We drove her back to her doctor and we had a bouncing baby boy. I ran back home to pick up a special gift I had purchased for when the baby would arrive. In my haste, mistakenly locked myself out of the house. I found an iron rod and tried to break the lock but only ended up making things worse. I called Sun Locksmith because a friend once gave me their number. In record time, a professional locksmith from there showed up and worked on the lock. He also helped me replace it at a very cheap price.

Sharon Samuel Jacksonville, FL

I will always use the services of Sun Locksmith Tampa because they have never disappointed me. At first, they helped me change the key to my safe’s lock when it got broken. I was very grateful for their service that day. Later, when I wanted to repair the locks of the gate into my house, my mind went to them instantly. I made a call and they showed up in a very short time. I was amazed at their courtesy and professionalism. I will always recommend them to my friends and anyone who is looking for the best. Sun Locksmith is the best.

Erick Sendler Tampa, FL

Ever experienced quality service with cheap and reasonable price? I enjoyed that benefit with Sun Locksmith. I was blown away because of their quality service. The keys to my house were unable to open the door. It was a weird experience. However I made a call to a locksmith company but when their representative arrived, he pried with his tools and did so many things but he couldn’t get the door to open. In frustration, I tried another company which turned out to be Sun Locksmith Miami. In just a few minutes, the person they sent got the door opened and even gave us some wonderful ideas about picking good locks. Thanks Sun Locksmith.

Noa Levy Miami, FL

I had just inherited a really old house in the outskirts of Miami. The numerous locks in house were as old as the house itself. With even a kick, you get easily get one to open. After remodeling the house, I got to work and started looking for the best locksmith to provide the best locks for the house. I asked several friends and about 98 percent of them recommended Sun Locksmith. I concluded that my friends must all have been impressed with their services so I made a call too. A staff of theirs came over to check out the places that needed lock, told me the price and I didn’t even negotiate. The very next day, they completed the fixing of all the locks in the house.

Domingo Rodrigez Miami, FL

There are so many locksmiths in Jacksonville but Sun Locksmith stands tall and apart from the rest. In terms of accuracy, speed, professionalism, efficiency, and price, they are simply wonderful. My sliding door got stuck and any action on my part would have simply broken it into shards. I loved that sliding door and I didn’t want it damaged. I needed a professional. I was at loss. The professional who had to do it would have to be one who would make sure the glass didn’t break no matter the actions taken. Then I began my research and finally stumbled on Sun Locksmith. After explaining everything to the staff, he assured me of a great job and before I knew it, he got my door unstuck and intact. THANK YOU! I will always use you guys.

Liam BJ Jacksonville, FL

My home has become a fortress ever since I started using the services of Sun Locksmith Tampa. Before that, my home was usually being burgled and many things taken. I was fed up and had to call different locksmith to change the locks. Despite all these, nothing changed. I lost hope and interest in any locksmith but I was convinced by friends and family to make one last try with Sun Locksmith. They assured me that I would not be disappointed. I gave them a try and I found out that all the nice things said about them were actually understatements. Since I started using them, I guess burglars have been having a tough time since no one burgled my house again. You guys are the best.

Jone Siera Tampa, FL