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Car Key Duplication

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Why do I need to call a locksmith to duplicate a key?

Sometimes ago if you are in need of  a spare key for your car, you could just go down to the  local hardware store, even the local gas station and they could duplicate your car key for you. But, those days have passed into antiquity. Today, although some stores like hardware stores and Wal-Mart can still make car key duplication of a lot the older car, but car key duplication capabilities of older cars are limited. Most new cars  today requires special car key cutting equipment and if you need to duplicate a car key that is  generated by code , there are 2 options :

  1. Either you get it from the dealer where you bought the car from or a car professional car locksmith who has the experience and proper car key cutting equipment to expertly effect a car key duplications for hi-tech cars today.
  2. When it comes to the duplication of car keys the procedure is all based on the currently working key. There are various ways to duplicate car keys, but it requires the pre-existing key. This is one of the simplest ways to make car key duplication.

With our procedure at Sun Locksmith Car Key Duplication in Jacksonville there is no need to start looking for the key code from the documents of the vehicle.  We will place the working key is our special  machine alongside  the blank key, and the machine reads the  working key and copies it  onto the blank key . These procedure will depends on the type of machine been used but don’t worry we have the best machine to do that for you. There might be a chance that a different service is needed for your car key duplication. Without a currently functioning car key, there will be a need for another procedure called code cutting, and also you may need services on in addition to the car key duplication, if your car requires a transponder chip, we will also do this for you. We are the best car locksmith in Jacksonville and all our clients knows that.

Our technician at work
Our technician at work


What we can offer you:

  • We ensure that all Our Work Is 100% Guaranteed!
  • 100% security of your car key details.
  • Rapid Response Locksmith in Jacksonville and its area. We make use of a sophisticated GPS system that show your location as well as the location of our closest available technician.
  • An affordable car key duplication service. At Sun Locksmith of Jacksonville we do our best to make sure that our prices are very simple, convenient and affordable. Whenever you search the Internet for Sun Locksmith car key duplication service in the area you will see a lot of very cheap listed prices.
  • 100% customer satisfaction service.

When it comes to Car Key Duplication in Jacksonville area, don’t waste your time searching, just go with the Best locksmith in Jacksonville.

We are licensed, certified and we have all the proper training and experience to get your job done in a right way for the first time. Unscrupulous locksmiths can cause harm than good to your of your car more, don’t take that risk, contact us today!


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Car Locksmith Prices:

Service Price
  • Car Lockout Service Starting at $39
  • Car key replacement Starting at $85
  • Ignition Change Starting at $135
  • Transponder Key Programming Starting at $75
  • Replacing car remote keys Starting at $85
  • Replacement of switchblade keys Starting at $115
  • Repairing auto lock Starting at $85
  • Making a spare car keys Starting at $65

Car Key Duplication