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Our company was founded 10 years ago…

Sun Locksmith Jacksonville is a professional and reputable locksmith that is offering excellent services and is specializing in residential, commercial, automotive and emergency locksmith services. We take pride in serving Jacksonville and all its nearby areas. We are in the industry for years, and we are recognized for our genuine dedication, commitment, hard work and excellent services. We stick with our commitment of valuing all our customers all the time and we see to it that they are happy and satisfied with the locksmith services that we deliver.

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With the rising demands for locksmith services, there are various businessmen who opt to establish their own locksmith company.  As a result, you will surely be confused on where to depend on. 

Instead of worrying about this, why not depend on us? Our company is here to give you security from any unwanted situations.our company has a friendly and professional staff. We also offer online customer support to help you with your major concerns.

We offer emergency locksmith services that customers can trust. You are assured that you will get quick response and the most appropriate services demanded by your present situation. Sun Locksmith Jacksonville is composed of highly trained technicians that are capable of handling all your locksmith needs. It is our never ending commitment to provide exquisite locksmith services in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are experts in repairs, installations and all other services for keys, safes and locks. Our company is always available and ready to take your call whether it is for your commercial business, home or office. Our company handles all locksmith problems and issues with the most efficient and fastest services possible. Our technicians have all the capacity of handling security situations, picking the most appropriate security locks, installing security locks, monitoring lock boxes and many more.


24 Hours Locksmith Company

Sun Locksmith Jacksonville can solve your keys and locks problems instantly, giving you the relief and peace of mind that you deserve. We are dedicated to finding the best possible solution efficiently and quickly for all your locksmith needs including door locks, garage doors, master keys, alarm system, decorative locks, keyless entry, mailbox locks and many more. Our professional and positive attitude towards all our customers with our combined strong customer support, credible image and good reputation are what sets our company apart. There is a tough competition existing in the locksmith industry these days, but we are confident that we have the capacity of getting ahead of the competition because we have expertise in dealing with all your locksmith needs. We specialize in opening vehicles, making transponder keys, coding and cutting. Our automotive locksmith services are specially designed to provide customers with premium quality services wherever you are in Jacksonville. We cater all types of auto locksmith services at reasonable prices without compromising the quality and efficiency of our service that you deserve.

We are a full service locksmith company, and we certainly have all that you might be looking for in terms of rectifying lock issues and problems. We also install and change locks at home, and we give advice and recommendations on how to maintain or monitor your security lock systems. We are the best residential locksmith in the area, and all our services are frequently demanded by most customer. We are also recognized for our invaluable commercial locksmith services wherein we extend our utmost knowledge and skill in doing lock repairs, installations, replacements and many more. We guarantee satisfaction and convenience in all the tasks that we execute. Sun Locksmith Jacksonville can also cater services that are demanded by customers during urgent and unexpected situations. 

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