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New Lock Installation

Installing new locks on doors is an essential part of making sure that your property is safe. The importance of choosing the right lock with the appropriate features cannot be overstated. Proper locks will ensure that your security functions properly. Homeowners should look for locks that have been crafted to withstand various forms of damage. For instance, some locks are anti-drill locks and others are equipped with saw resistant bolts. These bolts make it much harder for burglars and criminals to bypass the locks of your door by using forceful entry methods. High security door locks come in all shapes and sizes, so ensure to get the best front door lock for your needs. Once you have gotten the process of choosing the right lock out of the way, you can begin the new lock installation. By employing the services of Sun Locksmith Jacksonville, you can discuss all your options with our locksmith so that we can help you choose the right locks for the door you have.

Choosing the right locks for your new door is an important process that requires some time and thought. It is advisable to consult professional locksmiths to try and find which locks are the best fit for the doors you have. At Sun Locksmith Jacksonville, we guarantee you professional and security tight locksmith services. If you need help trying to determine which locks will work for your door then, reach out to us at Sun Locksmith Jacksonville so we can go over the options for your new lock installation.

Change your Locks

It is important to make sure that your door is functioning the way it is intended to, ensuring that the locks within your door are working properly and that they are providing the absolute best security to you and your property. One of the best ways to ensure that your lock is always performing the way it should, is to simply pay attention to it and have our professional residential locksmith come and assess it as soon as you think there might be something wrong.

This cannot be overstressed as attending to your door lock immediately it begins to malfunction or show early warning signs will both prevent the occurrence of greater damage and more expenses. Some of the warning signs you may experience are difficulty in opening when using the right key, malfunctioning of a forcefully opened lock probably by burglars which would have certainly affected the internal mechanism of the lock.

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Repairing a lock is a much more cost-effective option but, locks cannot be repaired if it were damaged beyond repair. Our locksmiths will also not be able to give you an answer on whether your lock can be repaired until they have arrived to examine the lock and assess exactly what is wrong with it. So if you believe that your lock suffered any damage, or that it is not functioning the way it should then, contact us at Sun Locksmith Jacksonville to have our locksmith assess the lock for you. In the event that they discover something wrong with it then you should be able to change locks or repair where necessary.

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Types of Locks

Locks are available in many different shapes and styles to suite a wide range of door materials and security requirements. Depending on your choice and door type, our locksmiths will offer you a befitting service.

Entry Knob

The entry knob are two doorknobs that can be locked from both the inside and the outside. One type locks from the inside by turning or depressing a small button while a key must unlock the outside knob. Another model must be locked with a key on both the inside and outside. In some other models, only the inside knob can lock or unlock both sides of the set. These entry knobs are a medium security entrance-door lock. A quality feature on entry locksets is a deadlatch. Our locksmiths are well trained to carry out installations of whatever kind you choose.


Deadbolts are bolts that are not spring-loaded nor beveled. It is called “dead” because there are no springs to operate the bolt. It is only operated manually with a key or a thumb turn from the inside. The bolt locks the door to the frame and helps prevent someone from prying the door open. Locks are designed to fit specific size holes and backsets.

This backset refers to the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the handle. A single-cylinder deadbolt is operated with a key from the outside and with a turn button on the inside. It is used mostly with solid metal or wood doors.

A double-cylinder deadbolt is operated with a key on both the inside and outside. It is best used on a door with glass in or around them as the style prevents someone from breaking the glass, reaching in and unlocking the door. Although, double-cylinder deadbolts can pose a danger during an emergency. If the key is missing or not readily available, people could be trapped inside a locked house. In some areas, codes may not permit this style of deadbolt. Deadbolt locks can be installed on their own, or they can be added to doors that already have latch bolt locks. They are meant to make doors more secure.

The length of the deadbolt refers to its entire length, whereas the throw of the deadbolt refers to just how far the bolt extends out of the edge of the door. It is very easy for these two distances to get mixed up. It is recommended that the deadbolt you use on your door, have a minimum throw of 1″. For increased security Sun Locksmith Jacksonville can help you to get deadbolts that have longer throws, which will make it much more difficult for the door to be bypassed.

Electronic Door Lock

An electronic lock or electric lock is a locking device which operates by means of electric current. Electric locks are sometimes stand-alone with an electronic control assembly mounted directly to the lock. These smart door locks offer sophisticated “access control” features to any home or business. Users can also remotely lock and unlock the door, or share access with any number of others, using mobile apps.Electric locks use magnets, solenoids or motors to actuate the lock by either supplying or removing power. Operating the lock can be as simple as using a switch like an apartment intercom door release, or as complex as a biometric based access control system.

When installing digital door locks, an additional hole must be drilled in the door for electric power wires. Also, a power transfer hinge is often used to get the power from the door frame to the door.

Whatever kind of installation you may desire, simply consult with us at Sun Locksmith Jacksonville and at the end of the whole process, you will be glad you did.

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