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Rekey Locks

The term rekey lock means replacing old lock pins with new lock pins. Most people always ask about rekeying locks, it is the process where by a professional locksmith changes or replaces an inoperative or nonfunctional keys that have been given of that has fallen into an untrusted hands. Whenever a locksmith rekeys a  particular lock, they will have to dismantle the old lock in order to make an upgrade to the lock by replacing the pin, so that the lock will be able to accept a different key, while the old key to the lock will be useless, even if the key is in the wrong hands, since it has been rekeyed by a professional locksmith, it will not be functional. This process is call rekeying locks and it is not as expensive and changing the whole lock itself.

When is it necessary to rekey locks?

Whenever you discover that someone that you did not trust, maybe at home or at work, has the key to you, house, shop, office, store apartment then if that should be the case you will need to rekey your locks to be safer. If maybe you and your significant other partner or spouse or friend are having a different opinions about been together and you find it preferable to stay or live alone, then if that is the case you need to rekey your locks.

Most of the times rekeying locks might be necessary during odd times maybe during the day or in the night. In other words, if a rekey lock service is needed urgently, our rapid response locksmith that are expert in rekeying locks at Sun Locksmith Jacksonville are always  available 24/7, to respond to your urgent rekey locks requests anywhere, anytime in the Jacksonville area.

Whenever there is a need for you to rekey, replace, change or upgrade your locks, we will be there in no time and fully equipped and ready to solve your lock issues. If maybe due to some causes, you are in need to change locks  maybe due to a lock malfunctioned which cannot be repaired, don’t worry, our Sun Locksmith technician in Jacksonville will change locks for you  and rekey the new lock to your old key, this means you will be able to use your old keys on the new lock (As long as the old keys are compatible with the new locks , for example locks like :Kwikset to Kwikset and Schlage to Schlage which  can fit in with more than one, or more, locks in your home or at your work. Now you that you have known the meaning of rekey lock and the best locksmith in Jacksonville (Sun Locksmith) who can perfectly handle issue related any rekey lock, feel free to contact us today for all of your rekey locks issue and see for yourself why Sun Locksmith is the best locksmith in Jacksonville and its neighboring area.

At Sun Locksmith we have  lowest prices and the most affordable rekey lock service in Jacksonville and its neighboring area, you can trust us with you work, and you won’t regret it.

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