How Laser Cut Keys Are Different From The Regular Keys?

Do laser cut keys sound something other than ordinary? Apparently, it is not. Laser-cut keys were first introduced for vehicles in the 1990s. However, at that very time, laser cut keys were only used for the luxury car models to provide added security. Still today, you will find that those car models older than 2013 or 2014 have the regular cut keys.

However, as time passes, the use of laser-cut keys significantly prevailed. Today, we have both higher-end cars and inexpensive car models with the same cut.

Following this article, you will learn how these two keys are different and what is the reason to prefer one over another?

How Regular Cut Keys Made?

Regular cut keys are typically used for various kinds of locks. However, they are extremely common; they couldn’t make it up to become the buyer’s first choice. The reason is that their locks are easy to pick, and hence, your cars can be stolen away without putting much effort.

Regular cut keys are mechanically made by using a key cutting machine, hence also called mechanical keys or traditional keys. These key cutting machines are readily available and accessible from a local hardware store. Therefore, it makes it very convenient for someone to get a duplicate for your regular keys. It does not require special skills for its making. Ultimately, it becomes a threat to the security of your car(s). Usually, regular cut keys don’t have transponders inside them.

How Laser Cut Keys Made?

Laser cut keys require extremely professional and skilled labor with advanced laser cutting machines for their making. The equipment is expensive and also not easily available. It applies advanced laser cut techniques to do it, which makes the duplication very challenging. Laser-cut keys also have a specific transponder chip inside their plastic cap. This transponder key technology makes the experience more secure.

The Design

We often don’t pay attention to the details of many things that we use casually. And if someone accidentally does, he comes to know there are minimal differences among the same articles that make them unique. The same happens when we take a closer look at the design of mechanical keys.

Let us briefly show you how these keys differ in their design.

Regular Keys: In the regular keys, standard cuts are present on the edge, with grooves only on one side of the key. The metal cuts in this type are also thinner in comparison to it. And the standard cut keys are unidirectional, i.e., they can only be inserted in one direction.

Laser Cut Keys: They are thicker and sturdier because their edges are not into a notch. Instead, you will find a cut in the middle running down their length, having grooves on both sides. These grooves in the middle are also referred to as internal keys or sidewinder keys. Also, their unique design makes them functional from either side.


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