How a professional mobile locksmith duplicate a car key in your place?

How a professional mobile locksmith duplicate a car key in your place?

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Have you lost your keys? Is the car key broken and you do not know where to get the best one? Do you want to go on a business trip and you cannot wait for the car company to deliver the new key? Do not worry because mobile locksmith service providers can help you in this case. Here are some of the ways they can use to duplicate your car key and get you back on the road.

Obtain VIN.

First get the VIN number from the dashboard or motor straight of the auto that needs a substitution key made. Additionally record the correct make, model, and year of the vehicle. On the off chance that the VIN is elusive, look at the vehicle’s title or protection printed material to discover.

Services for old cars

If your auto is old, contact a locksmith. More established autos, particularly those made by non-extravagance makers, have the least demanding keys to supplant. Influencing a call to the nearby auto locksmith to can take care of the entire issue now and again. This works for various autos, and a locksmith can wind up sparing you a great deal of cash contrasted with a dealership.

Services for modern car

If a cutting edge auto, check whether a locksmith is fit for duplicating it. In the event that the key is more current, the shape might be excessively mind-boggling for a nearby locksmith or the key may should be customized to work with a specific vehicle. For whatever length of time that the writing computer programs is advanced and not a code laser-scratched onto the key, a great auto locksmith ought to have the capacity to deal with it. Since there is such a great amount of assortment among auto keys, this progression can be simple for a few and to a great degree dubious for others.

The cost of duplicate services are

The cost of duplicate car keys that you will have to pay is.

  1. At your nearby handyman shop, the cost of copying an essential key reaches from $1.25 to $2. As a general rule, your nearby tool shop can just copy fundamental/standard keys.
  2. At a locksmith shop, the cost of copying a car key extends from $1.50 to $4, yet as expressed before they will have a more extensive exhibit of key spaces for auto proprietors to browse.
  3. At a locksmith shop, the cost of copying auto keys with extra highlights begins at $120. The variety in cost depends generally on the sort of auto key clear that you require.
  4. At a car dealership, the cost for copying auto keys runs upwards of $150. The difference in these costs is basically on the grounds that car merchants, as a rule, don’t supplant fundamental auto keys. The keys that they work with are generally transponder keys or key dandies.

Make sure that you always hire the best and reliable mobile locksmith service providers. Do not trust anyone. You have to assure that they have the tools and technologies to provide you the best services. Compare the cost and services of different mobile locksmiths to find the best one.

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Why should I use a locksmith to change my door locks?

Why should I use a locksmith to change my door locks?

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Changing the door locks seems to be easy when you see a professional doing it. However, in reality, when you try your hands at it, it is as difficult as moving an elephant. This is also why a lot of the people end up in damaging their door locks to repair or fix it. For this purpose, the best advice that can be given in this kind of the scenario is to hire a locksmith because they are trained professionals who have a sufficient experience in the field.

Moreover, not hiring a locksmith to change the door locks don’t even make sense. These people take years to reach to the professional level so there must be multiple valid reasons to hire them for a perfectly done job.

So, if you think that your door locks need to be changed because they either broken or the keys are lost, then make sure to hire a locksmith otherwise you’ll regret the expense that you’ll have to bear for the damage caused to the door and lock.

Here are some of the reasons for hiring a locksmith to change the door locks that are convincing enough for the ones who take it as a cake walk.

  1. Experienced knowledge:

It takes a lot of the efforts, study, and experience for a locksmith to gain the correct knowledge based on the field work. Not everyone who knows how to open the door lock without a key is capable of changing it as well because the intricate lock design is tough to be handled by an amateur.

  1. Professional equipment:

The professional equipment used by a locksmith is advanced, updated, and also maintained from time to time. This is why when you try to change to door lock with the unprofessional tools, the lock either gets completely damaged or creates more problems for the door’s lifespan. Also, the locksmith’s equipment is supposed to be dangerous to be used at home so it’s better to not use it with insufficient knowledge.

  1. Timely work completion:

The timely work completion required for the door locks to be changed is very important because the house security is pretty much dependent on it. Nobody wants to risk their life and house security with the incompetence and ignorance that might lead to a tragic incident. The door locks need to be changed as soon as possible to reduce the risks or theft or robbery.

  1. Durability:

Durability is one of the factors that is witnessed only when the door locks are changed by a locksmith. For instance, if you change to door lock on your own and feel that the mission has been accomplished, then chances are high that the lock might need to get fixed after some days because of the unreliable work that was done in the past with incapable skills.

  1. Sensible and informative advice:

The locksmiths usually do not only fix and change the door locks but also give some sensible and informative advice to the house owner in terms of an improved house security and reliable lock system. This is why it is always better to hire a professional to be provided with the best suggestions and expert opinions on the project.

Using a locksmith to change the door locks is the wise decision to make when your house lock gets broken or needs to be changed for other reasons.

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High-Security Door Locks

7 Tips to Choose the Best High-Security Door Locks

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Taking reliable measures to prevent the house from theft or robbery is very important in today’s era of technology advancements because its support is allowing more people cross their limits in terms of moral values and basic ethics. This is the reason why a lot of the people have started considering authentic methods for protecting their house from any kind of the act of forgery. High-security door locks are the best way to make the housing protective from all the uncertain happenings in the form fraud entrance. This technology update has made it possible for the house residents to sleep in peace without worrying about the unfortunate occasions.

However, with loads of options available in the market, it is difficult to choose the right one with the appropriate quality. For this purpose, some special tips and techniques are required to be followed in order to make the right decision. In addition to this, the tips for choosing the high-security door locks have been listed down after gathering the first-hand experiences and also the expert advice that fulfill the basic as well as advanced demands of the ideal home-security door locks.

1. The metal:

The metal of the security door locks should be of good quality to maintain the standards of the high-end security that is the property and foremost demand. Of course, with different prices come different types and quality of the metal for the security locks but you got to choose the one with the best quality because otherwise, it will not serve the right purpose i.e. to provide a reliable security door lock that is impossible to break or damage.

2. The inner complexity:

The inner complexity of the security home door lock is a big factor for making the lock dependable for remaining stress-free throughout the day and night without having to worry about someone falsely breaking in. Since most of the robbers are aware of the digital and manual security keys these days, it is important to buy a door lock that has major inner complexity for anyone to figure out.

3. The locking strength:

The strength of the lock should also be considered while buying the high-security door locks because a breakable lock is of no use that only destroys the purpose but also costs more than the original cost because anybody with skills can figure out a way to open it with the relevant tools and experience. This is why you should select a lock that is not easy to open even by the owner to ensure high-end house security.

4. Drill protection:

Drill protection is a very point to be kept in mind while buying the high-security door locks because drilling allows the thief/robber to break into the house in the resident’s absence without making much effort. Therefore, make sure to buy the one that is 100% drill-protected and guarantees a no-break theory even with the heavy machines.

5. Key control:

The key control is also one of the most important facts to be noticed while buying the home security door locks. Its design should be made according to the advanced standards of security to the house that prevents the forced entry into the house even with the right tools and hacks.

The variety of the best high-security door locks available in the market makes it both easy and difficult to select the right one to serve the correct purpose. Hence, make sure to consider these points before finalizing the product for a 100% assurance of the high-end security.

If you need help buying, installing or repairing contact our expert locksmith today. We are available 24 hours.

Why you should consider having the Wireless key fob ?

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Over the past few years, the crime rate has been rapidly increasing. There is a latest and high-tech locking system available in the market, but the thieves have been to find a way to access the locks. The traditional key and lock system is not reliable anymore because thieves can easily break the lock. Apart from that, there are many individuals that often forget their keys inside the house while locking their door. In this situation having the wireless key fob is the best solution. Here we have some of the amazing benefits that you can get from the system.

Remote access to your home

Most of the people have a small key fob for their car. They use it to lock and unlock the vehicle without using the keys. The wireless key fob is the same technology that has been designed for your home. With the click of an option, you can easily get inside your house and lock it. There is no need to play with the keys or stay outside the house only because you left the keys inside. If you have a lot of bags in your hand, you can easily open the door to get inside.

Alarm system is available

The biggest attraction of the wireless key fob is that it comes with an alarm system.

  1. If someone is trying to forcefully enter your house, the alarm system will start and notify you.
  2. It will reduce the chances of theft because the technology used in the manufacturing of the wireless key fob is hard to replicate and break
  3. In case you have accidently pressed the wrong option, just wait for a few seconds so that you can avoid the false alarm.

Keep it with your car keys

If you are afraid that someone can steal your key fob do not worry because you can easily fool anyone. You can keep the wireless key fob with your car keys. Even if you do not have a car, add a fake key in the keyring. It will make everyone feel like it is the fob for your car and so they will not even think about using it for your house. When no one will know that the wireless key fob belongs to your house, the chances of theft will be automatically reduced. It has strong signals that will work perfectly even when the fob is in your pocket. In this way, no one will know that you have a key fob for your home as well.

Better protection

The wireless key fob will enhance the overall protection of your house. It will give you the peace of mind that no one can enter your house without getting caught. In this way, you can easily hide the valuable items in your home.

There are many different types and styles of wireless key fobs available in the market. Make sure that you select the one that meets your requirements perfectly. That is the best way you can get the desired protection. Make sure that you connect the wireless key fob with the lock of your house yourself so that no one will know how many times you have to press the button to open the door. Keep the signals unique.

Looking for maximum protection for your home? Give our locksmiths a call anytime.

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Getting yourself locked out of your apartment or car is something we face on daily basis. This has been made easy with modern technology because our doors can be locked with the push of a button accidentally. Remember! accidents happen everyday little wonder irrespective of how careful we think we are, we may someday find ourselves in this situation. Now I know that the first option that comes to mind is having a spare key.

Having a spare key is something we call minute but a huge deal when we definitely need the service of one. Have you ever lost your key, get them damaged or locked yourself out of your own home with the least knowledge of how to get through the door? Feeling embarrassed finding a way through to your own door becomes an understatement, right? The big question is how do you get through you own door without the slightest clue of what to do especially when you have no access to immediate help? This guide is designed to teach you wonderful, tested and trusted measures you would imbibe to get through that door in few minute. Here are expert options to unlock your locked door.


This is one of the simplest yet amazing and satisfying ways to unlock your locked door especially a car door. A little technical application and energy does this job for you. All you need do is to tie a small loop in the middle of the shoelace that can be tightened work the string into the door, pull the loop tight around the door and pull it up. This process can be done repeatedly until you gain access to your apartment. The sensitive part of using this technique is that it works for doors that unlocks with pull up and mostly cars.

Just pick it

Picking a locks

As easy as it sounds, so is this process. Picking a locks door is something everyone can do with a little guide. Picking involves the use of only two tools – rake and tension wrench. Once these tools are handy, then you are on your move to getting through your door. Picking of a door is done by few simple steps.

  • Place the tension wrench into the hole of your lock making your door feel a natural taste of its original key
  • Observe the direction with the most give by twisting the wrench. Direction with more give shows the direction the wrench will move when door is open
  • Whilst applying tension on the wrench; place the rake into the lock hole, then push and pull continuously.
  • Continuously wiggling and vibrating the rake helps the pins to reach its shear line and once this is observed, twist the wrench as if it were a key to the direction with more give.
  • That’s it, your door is open and you have your way through.
  • It is that easy but the only disadvantage that comes with this method is the fact that it takes a longer time to finish.


Apparently, it’s not only a locksmith that should make use of a drill, you too can. An uncomplicated and very easy to use mechanism. All you need do is have your drill bits and in different sizes. The sole target here is the pin and tumbler system.

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What should I do if I locked my keys in the car?

What should I do if I locked my keys in the car?

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Sometimes when you locked your keys in your car, you might not be as locked out as you think are. The car doors you have tried opening might be locked, but it might not be the only way for you to gain entry. People are always overwhelmed in situations like this and they are fully unaware of the main problem. In cases of lockouts like this, clear your mind and keep things simple, try troubleshooting the problem, with the simplest fix and move your way up.

What to do if your car key is locked inside the car.

Make Sure You Are Locked Out

Sometimes you are not as locked out as you think. The doors you have tried might be locked, but that might not be the only way in. This happens more often than you would think. People get overwhelmed and keep themselves from being fully aware of the situation. Therefore, check the door and check the trunk.

Try Picking

The tools needed can be anything ranging from paper clips to professional lock picks. As long as the lock of your car uses wafers then it can be jiggled, raked, rocked, single pin picked, etc. But If you are at all questioning your ability, do not make any attempt to pick the lock.

Get Assistance from a Professional Locksmith Services

A Professional locksmith is going to apply the safest and most responsible methods in order to fix the lockout issue. If you hired a reliable and a professional locksmith company, your car door should be unlocked in a very short period after they arrive with no damage done to your car. That is why we are always at your service at any time, in any location. We will make use of every resources at our disposal, to get you back to your car without any stress.

How do we proceed from here?

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Why did my car key stop work? Reasons and Solution

Why did my car key stop work? Reasons and Solution

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Reasons & solution

Damaged Car Lock.

One of the major reasons why your car key is not working is because the car key is damaged. A damaged Lock does not mean it is being broken into pieces. Most people do not always pay enough attention to their car locks and car keys in order to know that constant use has the effect on them. Once this is combined with a high lack of maintenance, it escalates the probability of car keys being damaged.

Solution: For damaged car door locks or keys, you can reach out to a professional automotive locksmith for assistance. In cases like this, they will either repair the damaged lock or make an installation new car door locks.

Faulty Ignition Cylinder.

If your car key is not working whenever it is being inserted into the ignition of the vehicle, this does not mean that the car key is damaged or faulty. Sometimes, this is a sign of a much greater problem, which might be that your car’s ignition is damaged.

Solution: A professional Automotive locksmiths are well qualified in dealing any faulty ignition cylinders, so if in case the reason why your car key is not working is caused by faulty ignition cylinders, be sure to reach out to us. A professional Automotive locksmith will advise and recommend whether the ignition will be salvaged and repaired or not, or whether the solution is to make a replacement.

Internal Damage to Key Fob/Keyless Entry Remote.

If the internal electronics of the car faulty, or if either the receiver or transmitter of the car is damaged, then your car key will be malfunctioning. And these elements can manifest in the form of raveled wires. In other cases, the damaged internal wiring can come as a result of an external damage on the car key fob or to the car itself. It can be from dropping your car keys on the ground or a hard surface or even knocking the internal components of the fob out of alignment.

Solution: Internal damage to car key fob or any keyless entry remote malfunctions is best handled most of the time by a professional automotive locksmith. Since they are specialized in navigating the internal components of the fob, they will be able to repair and address any faulty issue and If they cannot, a proper car key replacement will be advised.

Key Fob
Key Fob

Maybe you are Using a Copied Key.

Most people do not realize that every sequential car key duplication can diminish the integrity of the original key. if you duplicate car key is duplicated, you are going to get another version that is different from the original car key. In some cases, you will find out that your car key is not functioning because you might be making use of a duplicate car key that is not functioning like the original key.

Solution: If you are using a duplicate car key that is no more working, you will need to get a new replacement. If you are having a traditional car key this will be achieved easily. However, if you are making use of a transponder car key or a keyless entry remote, then you should have it in mind that the new replacement key should be programmed.

How do we proceed from here?

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My Car Keys Get Stuck in Ignition, What Should I Do?

My Car Keys Get Stuck in Ignition, What Should I Do?

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Is your car key stuck in the ignition and you are confused about what to do?  There are various ways in which you can try and fix the problem before seeking the assistance of a locksmith and which will likely lead to an expensive repair bill.

Listed below are the reasons car keys get stuck in ignition and solutions to fixing the problem.

Car keys getting stuck in ignition may be caused by the key itself, the cylinder, the ignition, or user error.

This is because the tumblers inside the cylinder are not in alignment with the release point. In most cases, key stuck in ignition can be caused by a worn cylinder which is not returning to the worn/sticky tumblers.

Solution: In cases like this, you will have to apply a graphite spray to it. Do NOT make use of any kind of oil or WD-40, under any circumstance!

The Car in Gear can cause Car keys to get stuck in ignition.

Most cars that make use of automatic transmissions will deny you access if make an attempt to start the car while it is still in forwarding gear.

Solution: Make the gear is in the park position. Giving the shifter a little shake might be helpful if it the gear is park position.

The Bent or Worn Out Car Key.

A bent car key will get into the ignition, but it will not function correctly because it is not in contact the pins that are in the ignition coil as it is been designed. If in case the teeth on a car key are worn down, it will fail to function for the same reason. So in cases like these, you can make an attempt to straighten it with a non-metal hammer.

Solution:  You will have to be very careful if the car key uses a chip.

The Battery Is Dead

Since the car ignition system is electric, whenever the battery is out of juice the car will lock up the same way it does whenever you the vehicle is shut off.

Solution: Check if the battery is still putting out 12.6 volts with a mustimeter, and If it is not, you might want to consider going for a new battery.

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Inviting Locksmith

What Should You Check Before Inviting Locksmith in Jacksonville?

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  Locksmiths are generally important because they are professionals and experts with repairing, installing and maintaining locks on doors, gates, windows and safes. Sometimes, repairing a damaged lock alone and by yourself seemed impossible and tedious at the same time. Moreover looking for misplaced or lost keys is a terrible scenario in the first place. So it is better to just leave it to the experts and before you know it, your damaged lock is repaired or your lost car keys replaced. But before you call a locksmith and ask him to come to your house, there are guidelines you have to consider. It is not being paranoid or doubtful, but you are responsible for your own safety and security. So what are the checklists before inviting locksmith into your home? Most locksmiths in Jacksonville are open to serve you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. You just have to dial their number and schedule a visit and they will just appear in your doorstep. But how are you going to verify that you have chosen the best locksmith in Jacksonville FL? What are you supposed to do before inviting them in? Here are some guidelines you need to consider.
  1. Be aware of the things you want the locksmith to do. Check your area and be sure to have a clear list of locks that need to be repaired or replaced and the location of such locks, so that the locksmith will have an idea on what to do. If you do not do these, chances are the locksmith that you will hire is going to offer you more services that you do not need. And that would be additional expenses on your part.
  2. Be clear on the budget you have estimated and prepared. Count the number of security devices and locks that you want repaired and replaced.
  3. Be specific on the time of visit of the locksmith. Make sure also that the locksmith you will hire is accessible in your area.
  4. Be organized. If you are going to hire a freelance locksmith be sure that he is capable, reliable and a professional. Ask for a license or I.D. for background checking and the number of years of experience as a locksmith. If you are hiring from a company, be sure that the company is licensed and has a registration and permit from the local department.
  5. Be cautious. There is nothing wrong with being vigilant. Safety and security should always be your top priority.
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How to Pick the Best Locksmith in Your Area

How to Pick the Best Locksmith in Your Area

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Lost your keys? Locked yourself out of your house without your keys? Does your lock need repairing? Well, probably once in your life, you have experienced losing your keys because of carelessness or just due to simple memory gap. Maybe you have chosen to throw away your damaged locks thinking that they are replaceable and fixing them is impossible. Perhaps you have not met a reliable and experienced locksmith to rescue you on these uncomplicated problems.

In reality, how do you choose your locksmith? How are you going to know that your locksmith is the best in your area? Locksmiths are professionals that are skilled in the repair, maintenance and installation of locks on anything that need locking like doors, windows, gates, luggage and safes.

In particular, Sun locksmiths in Jacksonville are on-call twenty-four hours, seven days a week.  So, there’s no need to worry when you locked yourself out again without keys or your locks are broken. When these incidents happen again, here are some tips and suggestions on how to pick the best locksmith in Jacksonville.

  1. First you need to consider is the cost. The value on the proposed locksmith services package should be all-inclusive and efficient especially to clients that are concerned with their budgets. The package solution should be convenient, time-bound and the best they have to offer.
  2. Consider the accessibility of the locksmith to your place. More often than not, accidents happen unexpectedly. So when you cannot open your door or gate, or you misplaced your keys, calling on a locksmith will be a lot easier if the locksmith company is just within the vicinity of your place.
  3. Next to consider is the quality of the services offered. Although many locksmith companies would boast of their effective and excellent services, you still have to be aware and cautious of choosing the right and best locksmith company that suit your needs.
  4. Last to consider is to check on the locksmith company if they are registered and licensed to operate in your area. You have to be careful on the locksmith company you will employ, your security and safety matters most.