24 Hour Locksmith Jacksonville Signs Your Door Has Been Tampered

Do you feel someone has broken into your house? Are you looking at signs on whether or not the door has been tampered with? As a 24 hour locksmith Jacksonville, we have worked around tampered doors. We know the exact signs that indicate if the door locks have been misused at any point.

Before that we will look at ways in which people can gain an unauthorized entry into a particular house.
1. Sheer brute force is one of the most common ways to gain access into any property. There a major tell tale sign on this entry method. You will notice that the door has been pushed into despite the lock or someone has drilled into the lock. It is visible that the entry wasn’t regular. Moreover, you will find some way of knowing that the entry was forced in this case.

2. Bumping is another sign that your locks have been tampered. A lot of locksmith Jacksonville beach use this technique to help you access your home after a lockout. In this method, the person would file any key at several points. Once the bump key is ready, they would insert it in one go through the keyhole, strike it with a blunt object and then withdraw it. They would repeat this till the key is able to cut through all edges and open the door. Only when someone is in a hurry or hasn’t worked on it properly does this method leave any traces.

3. Picking the lock is yet another method that a locksmith uses. This technique can be copied into the forced entry too. In this case a screwdriver is used to move the lock and open it. you can also use other blunt objects in place of a screwdriver.

There are signs that indicate someone has used either of these three methods to break into your house.

1. One of the most common signs is the physical damage done to the door. When you call a 24 hour locksmith Jacksonville, they would be able to determine the physical damage as a sign of brute force, in case it is not visible in plain sight. These would include scratches, dents and of course broken portions within the locks.

2. Scratches near the keyhole is a sureshot sign that someone has broken into the house. Let’s say someone entered by using blunt objects. However, blunt they are, these objects can leave scratch marks around the places they have been. This can lead you to notice that the locks have been tampered with.

3. When you notice that your key doesn’t fit into the lock anymore, you know it is due to a forced entry. When someone tries bumping into the door lock, it can cause your key to not work in that place. Someone has tampered with the locking system, which has led to problems with the existing key.

4. In case the lock doesn’t function properly, the locksmith Jacksonville Beach believes that it could be because the locks have been tampered with, and do not function as easily as before.

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