Locked Keys in Trunk old

Locked Keys in Trunk

Locked Keys in Trunk

If your car keys are locked in the trunk you need locksmith services. Sun Locksmith Jacksonville team is ready every hour to accept your call. There is no need to worry when our company is around, we have years of experience with opening car doors, if your car keys are locked in the trunk you will not get better service than ours, we promise!!

No matter what type of lock you have or what type of vehicle you have we open every kind of door!! Once we open the car door we will make sure everything works properly before you go back to the road.

Sun Locksmith Jacksonville is a professional company with several teams in Jacksonville area and we provide auto locksmith services as a Jacksonville Beach Locksmith, a Orange Park Locksmith and a Ponte Vedra Locksmith.

If I locked the car keys in a trunk Why do I need a locksmith?

If you locked your car keys in the trunk you should call the locksmith because it is the fastest option for you, a professional locksmith comes to the customer in about 15-25 minutes. And it is also very important to know that a professional locksmith with experience can open a trunk with no damage at all.

If the car battery is empty it is still possible to open a locked trunk?

Yes, Sun Locksmith Jacksonville is a very professional company and we have all the latest technology to handle any situation, we always take with us a spare battery and use it if necessary. We also have another way to resolve such situations, we can make a new key for your trunk without the original key in 10 minutes.

How much does it cost to open a locked trunk?

It depends on what type of vehicle you have, basically 70% of the vehicles price range from $ 65 to $ 85 but there are other vehicles for higher prices, we recommend that you ask the company you order from service for what price your vehicle type.

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