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Frequently Asked Locksmith Questions

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1. How can I find a reputable locksmith?

When you are looking for a reliable professional locksmith that are a few easy steps that you can take to identify a locksmith who is reputable. The first is when you have found a company online, is to check that company’s name with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if, first that company name is recognized and second view the reputation of the company. The BBB records all major customer complaints and is a go-to reliable source for information on how a specific company operates and handle any complaints they receive. When you are on the phone with a company there are two major questions you should ask; first what is the company name? If you do not receive a straight answer, this can be because that company is operating with multiple names and should set off a red flag with customers.

2. My lock is not opening and closing as easily as it once was. I now have to turn extremely hard or shift the door in order for the mechanism to lock or unlock, what could be causing this problem?

We receive calls about this constantly. There are a few issues that can cause the lock to not function properly. During extreme heat or extreme cold, wooden doors can expand and contract causing the lock to no longer properly fit into the door frame. This can happen when I lock is installed during the height of summer or winter, once the temperature changes the door can shift causing the issue. In most cases a lock will continue to function properly, however it is recommended that you have a professional adjust your lock if you are not able to constantly arm it.

3. My car key was working perfectly, now it will fit into my ignition and turn it but the vehicle will not start. What could be the problem?

In many newer model vehicles there is a transponder chip inside of the vehicle’s key and the car’s computer. For ignition to take place the two chips must be able to connect to each other, verifying that the key is indeed for that vehicle. Sometimes an issue can arise with the communication between these two chips which renders them unable to connect to each other. When this takes place the vehicle’s key must be re-programmed to the car’s computer. For some vehicles programming can be done by the owner themselves with assistance from a tutorial on youtube. Some keys, however, need a specialized machine in order to be programmed. In this case a call to American Best’s automotive technician would be warranted.

4. Should I have all of my locks changed if my keys are stolen?

You do want to have your locks changed to a different key, however this does not necessarily mean you must replace your entire lock set. The two options that you have are to either change the lock set or have it re-keyed. Replacing the lock set means that your entire lock including the knob will be removed and replaced with a brand new one or, the economical solution, have your locks re-keyed. Which is when we replace the tumbler itself which means that your current lock stays in place, but a new key will open it and all previous versions will be made ineffective.

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