Car Key Cutting Services old

Car Key Cutting Services

When you lose your car keys, you are in a difficult situation because you have to handle two situations. First you need a key to drive in the car and second you need a new key that eliminates the old because there could be someone who stole your key and now he can steal your car. In such an unpleasant situation you need to call a locksmith or dealer.

How can a locksmith help me with a car key cutting?

Professional and experienced locksmith acquired over the years extensive knowledge in automotive industry and also purchased special machines that know how to make a car key cutting with special codes, Our team has been using these special machines for more than 10 years and has helped many customers in the Jacksonville area.

Sun Locksmith is the most professional company in Jacksonville. In fact, we are the best auto locksmith in the area. Sun Locksmith Jacksonville cut new keys for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats and. As is obvious, car key cutting must be handled only by professional locksmith that specializes in cars.

Our technician cuts a car key
Our technician cuts a  car key

Do I need the original key to get a new one?

No, but it can shorten the process because when a locksmith comes to a key cut he uses the VIN (vehicle identification number) and it takes 10-15 minutes to get it but if you have the original key the technician just duplicates the key and saves you time.

How long does it take to cut a car key?

If we have a available technician he will be at your place in 20-30 minutes and the work time takes another 25 minutes but it is still only if everything is normal with the vehicle and you will have all the documents of the vehicle, registration and ID.

There are several types of vehicles that take longer because it is not possible to obtain a code for them, so the technician has to find the code manually from the car door or from the trunk.

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