Getting yourself locked out of your apartment or car is something we face on daily basis. This has been made easy with modern technology because our doors can be locked with the push of a button accidentally. Remember! accidents happen everyday little wonder irrespective of how careful we think we are, we may someday find ourselves in this situation. Now I know that the first option that comes to mind is having a spare key.

Having a spare key is something we call minute but a huge deal when we definitely need the service of one. Have you ever lost your key, get them damaged or locked yourself out of your own home with the least knowledge of how to get through the door? Feeling embarrassed finding a way through to your own door becomes an understatement, right? The big question is how do you get through you own door without the slightest clue of what to do especially when you have no access to immediate help? This guide is designed to teach you wonderful, tested and trusted measures you would imbibe to get through that door in few minute. Here are expert options to unlock your locked door.


This is one of the simplest yet amazing and satisfying ways to unlock your locked door especially a car door. A little technical application and energy does this job for you. All you need do is to tie a small loop in the middle of the shoelace that can be tightened work the string into the door, pull the loop tight around the door and pull it up. This process can be done repeatedly until you gain access to your apartment. The sensitive part of using this technique is that it works for doors that unlocks with pull up and mostly cars.

Just pick it

Picking a locks

As easy as it sounds, so is this process. Picking a locks door is something everyone can do with a little guide. Picking involves the use of only two tools – rake and tension wrench. Once these tools are handy, then you are on your move to getting through your door. Picking of a door is done by few simple steps.

  • Place the tension wrench into the hole of your lock making your door feel a natural taste of its original key
  • Observe the direction with the most give by twisting the wrench. Direction with more give shows the direction the wrench will move when door is open
  • Whilst applying tension on the wrench; place the rake into the lock hole, then push and pull continuously.
  • Continuously wiggling and vibrating the rake helps the pins to reach its shear line and once this is observed, twist the wrench as if it were a key to the direction with more give.
  • That’s it, your door is open and you have your way through.
  • It is that easy but the only disadvantage that comes with this method is the fact that it takes a longer time to finish.


Apparently, it’s not only a locksmith that should make use of a drill, you too can. An uncomplicated and very easy to use mechanism. All you need do is have your drill bits and in different sizes. The sole target here is the pin and tumbler system.

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